Business plan development

Business plan is a basic financial document that presents a created or developing business. Professional preparation of the document and a dynamic financial model make it possible to assess the prospects and viability of the project.

The Siberian Federal System company has been professionally developing business plans for various projects since 2010. During this time, we have successfully prepared a large number of business plans for different major organizations. We use modern global standards and analyze the marketing and business plan prices on a regular basis.

Thus, a customized business plan is created with due respect to the market profile, financial benefits, need for human resources etc.
We are always ready to answer all your questions concerning business plan development, costs and terms of business plan design.

Business plan development procedure

When is a business plan needed?

Business plan cost

Cost of business plan development is calculated individually for every customer based on certain price factors, such as investment project development level, complexity and scale of the project, availability and accessibility of required information, need for marketing or other research, need for additional consultation from experts.

Minimum business plan price is $3 000

Business plan development terms

Just like costs, the development terms are different for all the cases. On our end, we always do our best to minimize the development terms. A good business plan cannot be written in 2-3 days; the minimum term is 4 weeks.

Why order a business plan from our company?

  • Our specialists have experience of development successful defense of business plans and financial models for large-scale investment projects
  • Working with us, you will get a unique business plan that caters to the needs of your company and your market requirements
  • We offer complete follow-up, from business plan development and defense before investors, to further implementation
  • We provide services complying with international standards including UNIDO
  • We do all of our projects on a turn-key basis: we follow them through, make amendments and corrections, support you during defense and implementation
  • We do not strive to achieve beautiful figures in reports; we work for results (successful implementation of a high-profit investor, project defense before a bank or an investor, acquisition of capital investment)
  • The company has been successfully working for over 13 years

What do you get in the end?

A business plan complying with the requirements of banks, investment foundations, and leasing companies

Independent and professional evaluation of your investment project

Saved time of your staff

Recommendations on optimization of low-profit projects

Follow-up to the moment of defense, introduction of corrections suggested by the customer, banks, or governmental bodies

Financial model laid out in Excel chart for planning and computing the needs of your business, for controlling the resource consumption and following up your project or business development

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