Research and analytics

Siberian Financial System, LLC provides marketing and analytic research services of various scale (global, all-Russian, regional) to assist managerial decision-making on implementation of investment project, reaching out for new markets (including export markets) and development (correction) of strategies and development programs.

A successful business idea implementation relies upon thorough study of options required for the optimum selection of services, products, business model, and development vectors. Apart from the marketing analysis itself, our approach takes all infrastructural, technological, and resource factors and restrictions into account.

Marketing Research Objectives

Research has been done in the following economy branches


Extensive industrial and regional experience

Over 150 researches for companies from various economy branches have made up a huge base of knowledge on the specificity of various market sectors, peculiarities of running business in various regions of Russia.


We do our best for the research to be comprehensive and complying with the strategic goals of our customer. Depending on the scale of the task, the works can take from two weeks to half a year.

Thorough study of each issue

The main characteristics of our work are a thorough analysis of the research object and a comprehensive review of every task set before us. We take all the criteria into account for the customer to get a full picture of the tasks they set.


The industrial specialization of our experts prevents any superficial interpretations and incorrect conclusions, enhancing the practical effect of working with our team.

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